BUFETE JANER it has its central seat in a building at Mallorca street, in Barcelona, where the main business and financial center of the city is located.

BUFET JANER focuses its services on providing advice to businesses in the widest sense, embracing all legal and financial aspects of a company’s affairs and the planning of its business from the outset. Our commitment is to offer an efficient response to each client’s requirements, with the emphasis on all-round excellence.

The foundation in 1985 of the BUFETE JANER emerged from the experience accumulated by the founder within business environment.

During 20 years of activity as a lawyer, he has been in direct daily contact with the problems and needs of the business, where he is coming from. Our commitment is to offer an efficient response to each client’s requirements, with the emphasis on all-round excellence.

BUFET JANER has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Porto, and also we are enables to provide a service to our clients through law firms in the main cities in Europe and America, all with the same standards in terms of quality and efficiency.

Our working languages are Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Catalan.

BUFETE JANER is a project supported basically on:

Strongly Capability to satisfy any question coming from our customers, as well in Spain as any country from Europe and America, which has allowed to recognise us like specialists in Business Law .

Coordinated work of Lawyer and Economists Team, who offer legal service and financial advice to support our clients/partners, allowing to solve the current conflicts and elaborating forecasts about medium-and long-term activities.

Permanent research of efficiency in all our acts, based in a modern and agile organisation and an original and quick structure whom allow the optimisation of the professional Team to guarantee a total efficient service.

What do we offer?

Mergers, restructuring corporate groups, competition and anti-dumping, investment funds, hiring executives, joint ventures, lawsuits in corporate jurisdiction, temporary receiverships and bankruptcies, negotiating strategic alliances, advising sports professionals, artists and executives, designing and advising on public offerings, offenses related to public contracts, designing innovative products for banks and financial institutions, environmental audits, pension schemes, legal design of savings and investment products, acquisition and transfer of companies, international investments, design of holding structures, advice on share disputes, civil liability, stock options, offenses against the environment, design of salary and loyalty policies, legal defense in lawsuits, land and town planning, lawsuits against public administrations in challenging tax penalties, remodeling labour structures, advice to credit institutions, etc.